Welcome to  Sauce Talk!

susie sauce I’m Susie Sauce, one of the resident experts on all things saucy at Kilimanjaro Foods, Inc. We understand that you might have some questions about the sauces we produce so my colleague Kevin and I have put together this blog to provide you with the answers. We’ll also be giving you some background information about our line of authentic African sauces as well as demonstrating  just how versatile they are.

They say varitey is the spice of life and you’ll soon discover some of the innovative ways you can use Kilimanjaro sauces to liven up your next meal. Once you see the wide variety of uses our sauces have, I’m sure your creative culinary juices will start flowing and you’ll want to do some of your own experiments with the rich and diverse flavors we provide. If you come up with an especially yummy use for one of our sauces, please feel free to share it with us  in the comments section of the Sauce Talk Recipes page.

Have a look at the categories or archives section in the right hand menu to find topics you might be interested in or return to the home page and just see what I’ve been chatting about. Feel free to leave comments and ask questions.  After all, that’s what we’re here for!

Miss Sauce


4 Responses to “Welcome to Sauce Talk”

  1. Zollious Zuckerman Says:

    soo ss what all can you do with your sauce?

    1. susiesauce Says:

      Thanks for the question, Zollious. We have more than one sauce (jerk sauce, ginger syrup and palava) at Kilimanjaro Foods and if you continue to visit Sauce Talk, you’ll find lots of creative and interesting uses for them. Just as an example, check out my post, “Kilimanjaro Foods’ Versatile Jerk Sauce” to see just a few of the creative uses we’ve come up with for our jerk sauce.

  2. Zollious Zuckerman Says:

    I was wondering is it good on cereal?

    1. susiesauce Says:

      Excellent question, Zollious. Actually, I think our Sunrise Ginger Syrup tastes great on Cheerios! I add about a quarter of a teaspoon to a bowl and it gives the cereal a nice, lightly spiced flavor. It’s nothing overwhelming but just enough to add some zip to breakfast!

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