The phone rang at 4:30 in the afternoon. It was a beautiful Friday and I was just about to go outside to water the garden. “Honey, James wants to come over tomorrow and discuss some projects we have coming up at the office” Rick is always so nervous when his supervisor wants to discuss business at our home. “No problem. I’ll whip up something delicious for you two to snack on” I said. “Thank you, Sue. I hear he loves hot wings…” “Oh, that’s no problem! I have a wonderful recipe for those.” Little did I know that James was about to throw me a curve ball. “Great!” Rick replied with audible relief in his voice, “Just make sure they’re not hot.” “What was that? For a second there I thought you said to make hot wings that aren’t hot.” “That’s right” Rick replied, “James can’t handle hot foods.” “Wait a minute” I was starting to get a little nervous “If he doesn’t like hot food why does he like hot wings?” I could hear some voices in the background as Rick asked some of his co-workers how their supervisor could have such conflicting tastes. “They say he likes spice…whatever that means. All I know is his stomach can’t handle hot food.” Apparently I was silent a little longer than I should’ve been. “Are you there, Sue?” “Yeah, I’m here. I don’t know how I’m going to make hot wings that aren’t hot but I’ll definitely do my best.” “Thanks again, Sue. You’re a life saver!”

As I hung up the phone, my mind was racing. “Hot wings that are spicy but not hot.” As I opened my cupboard door, Kilimanjaro’s African Jerk Sauce caught my eye. “Hey! That might work! It’s got bold flavors, it’s spicy but it’s not hot.” So I grabbed the bottle and went to work. “I hope Rick doesn’t mind having hot wings tonight for dinner, too”, I thought.

When Rick came home he was presented with a plate of non-hot hot wings. “Ok, try these” I said with a mixture of excitement and cautious optimism. He picked one up and took a bite. “Wow, this is good! It’s got spice and tons of flavor but I definitely wouldn’t call it hot. I think James will like these.”

Saturday afternoon came and I had a new batch of wings made up. Rick and James were on the patio discussing business when I brought out the plate. James perked up quickly. “These are my favorite!” He said as he bit into a wing. “And they’re just how I like them. Spicy but not hot. Hey, do you think you could give me the recipe?” “Sure thing!” I quipped and ran inside to write it down.

So that’s how Kilimanjaro’s African Jerk Sauce helped me to make hot wings that aren’t hot. There really is no recipe to share since what I used was a pretty standard hot wings recipe. The only difference is I used the jerk sauce instead of  hot sauce. So if you or someone you know loves wings but doesn’t like hot food, grab a bottle of African Jerk Sauce and give this method a try!

Ask your local grocer to carry Kilimanjaro Foods’ line of gourmet sauces