ginger pimms cup

In 1840 Jim Pimm, a London Oyster bar owner, had the idea of mixing dry gin with liqueurs, bitters, quinine, fruit extracts and spices to create a drink he called Pimm’s No. 1. Since that time, Pimm’s No.1 has been the basis of a slew of cocktails all known as Pimm’s Cups.

A Pimm’s Cup is quite simple, really. Just combine a glass of ice, a couple of ounces of Pimm’s concoction, two to three times as much Sprite, Seven-Up, Ginger Ale, or lemonade and a garnish of lemon, lime or anything else you like. Stir it up and you now have a drink that resembles iced tea, is cool and refreshing enough to get you through even the hottest, most humid days and contains very little alcohol.

Of course, that’s the basic version of a Pimm’s Cup. You can jazz this flexible cocktail up by adding various combinations of berries and fruits and, of course, add a little spice with Kilimanjaro’s Ginger Syrup. The addition of the spicy-sweet flavor of ginger syrup will add a new dimension to this already delicious summer drink.

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